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Important Ways of Speeding Up your E-Retail Site

With advancement of technology, e-retailing has become the next big thing where suppliers to sell their products to online customers. It is crucial for a website owner to ensure that their page loads quickly to increase their performance and attract potential customers. Here are some few tips that will help your website to load faster to maintain existing customers and attract potential visitors.

Using pictures and videos will give your site a fresh look, but they will increase the time that your site takes to respond. The size of the picture is a significant contributor to the page size and therefore if reduced, it will automatically increase the loading speed. On the other hand, if you choose to keep high-quality pictures and videos, it is advisable that you invest in a system that will handle short responses notwithstanding the bulkiness including use of zip files.

It should be your priority to use efficient coding to reduce the number of HTTP requests on your site since more HTTP request will keep your consumers waiting for information. This will also reduce redirects for mobile users since mobile devices have minimal processing to open complex pages compared to desktop computers. It is therefore crucial that your site loads faster in mobile devices to improve customer satisfaction and increase your sales drastically. A good website performance will increase your revenue and ensure that your ranking in search engines is rising.

Another crucial aspect is to do a performance test on your site to ensure its availability and reduce downtime. Do frequent test during and after peak periods as well as when the traffic is reasonable to measure the performance and uptime of your site. Beside, you can decide to choose an organization that offers monitoring services to monitor your website and ensure its availability.

Another great way of sales and gain a potential customers trust, is by being consistent with your site such that, each time the consumer opens a page, they will not feel like they have left your site. Also, make sure that your site is well organized by ensuring that you create menu and footers that will consistently appear in all the pages. What’s more, you can improve your e-retail page organization by merging style sheets, use images and few components as well as leave scripts at the bottom of each page. Good organizations will capture the customer’s attention and keep them on your website.

Don’t give your visitors links that are invalid or take forever to load since chances are; they will leave your site and open the next available site. In cases where links do not work, a custom 404 page which has your header and footer will save you and enable your visitors to continue browsing through your site.

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