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Kaftan Dress

What is Kaftan?

Kaftan is a loose-fitting stretched gown kind of dress and usually worn by the ladies in Middle Eastern nations such as Persia and Pakistan. We can also say that Kaftan is a dress with royal look and feel. With so many variations and innovative designs, these dresses have evolved a lot over many years. Currently, there are several designs, multi-colored prints and floral patterns adorning a kaftan outfit. Different types of features are being added to it including kimono sleeves and V-neckline with buttons.

Reasons why women love wearing Kaftan?

Relaxing wear

Kaftan is one of the most relaxing and comfortable wear today that helps women feel light and stylish. It’s a perfect wear for any occasion such as shopping, kitty parties, family-get together, and more. Made of soft materials and fabrics like cotton and silk, this wear is also good as a nightdress. Silk and cotton are organic fabrics that soak up the sweat and keep the body clean and cool. In contrast, for a night party, you can pick a Kaftan dress made with georgette, satin and rayon.


Kaftan dresses are suitable for all body types; in fact, it’s an excellent outfit for plus-size women. Kaftans are designed with a note “one size fits all”, they are a natural pick for ladies with body type and age groups.

Style and chic

With an extensive range of designs to select from, kaftans are vibrant and elegant. There are a number of kaftans dresses with different designs featuring funky designer prints, embroidered thread work and vibrant beads. One of the most common prints in Kaftan dress is animal print. The exquisiteness of the colorful print lies in its spectacular toss of random and imagery pictures spread simultaneously to craft a quaint sculpture.

Ideal wear for pregnant women

During pregnancy, women need to wear relaxed and lightweight pregnancy outfit for physical condition. Kaftans are the best in this situation and can be effortlessly worn because of its free-size design.


Kaftan dresses can also be worn as ideal beach wear. They are breezy and easy to wear, the best thing about Kaftan dress is their multicolored features that enhance your look. Match your favorite accessories with kaftans and a bohemian hairdo, make-up and footwear.

How to wear Kaftan like a diva?

A kaftan is like a multi-utility piece of clothing and therefore, it’s a must-have for this summer season. If you want to wear this funky outfit just like a diva, here are a few basic guidelines.

Consider length for various occasions

Kaftans are available in both long and short versions. It’s very important to consider different length for different occasions. For an outing with friends, you can wear a short kaftan, paired with short or slim-fit jeans and if you’re willing to wear it for office, pick a medium length kaftan.

The perfect footwear

It’s significant to wear matching footwear to complete your look in a kaftan. Consider wearing nude heels in matching the color to your kaftan. Even wedges also look good with this gorgeous and stylish outfit.

Get the right accessories

You should accessorize your look with graceful jewelry pieces. While an embroidered kaftan dress already has bling effects, be very careful while selecting the correct piece of jewelry. In case, you are wearing a plain and simple kaftan dress, you can go for a sleek neckless without any second thought. Pick a matching small clutch or purse to enhance the look.